In today’s day and age, people are justifiably annoyed with hidden costs, being misled and lack of information. That is why I want to be completely upfront and transparent regarding the costs of the services I offer.

This will enable you to peruse the charges and decide if they are acceptable and value for money BEFORE you commit yourself. Many other companies in my industry, although having been told to be transparent to their clients, still have underlying fees paid to them at the expense of the client, which are not always openly declared. This, I believe, is not an acceptable situation.

I have designed a full list of potential costs as best I can and this is to be found under the ‘Fee Structure’ section of this site. Suffice to say, should you have or discover during our initial discussions  that you have a slightly different requirement to those mentioned, then any revised/new costs this will be agreed prior to us moving forward.

Please refer to the relevant section.

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